Addressing recent accusations

Recently it’s come to my attention that an acquaintance of mine from over a decade ago has begun accusing me on social media of rape. I began receiving death threats and abuse, and many of my friends and colleagues began receiving similar messages. Businesses I work with have been sent messages asking them to quit working with me.

At this moment in history there are a lot of accusations going around. As a feminist I think it’s important to listen to people coming forward. But in this particular case, the accusation is false. The story is fiction. I can’t simply stand by as my life is destroyed, I need to say loudly that I'm not this terrible person I've been accused as.

I’m not sure if my accuser is intentionally distorting events or has reconstructed things in their head over the years. In either case, some will believe me and some will not. Obviously my reputation has suffered, which seems to have been the goal.

Considering all of this, I might be withdrawing a bit from social media. I'm not sure I'll be crafting the development blog I was planning.  But I will be working hard to fulfill all of my obligations to our Kickstarter backers.

At this time, due to these accusations, our products are not currently available on DriveThruRPG as they once were. We're not sure if this is permanent, but we're looking into alternative methods of distributing our products to our backers. 

-Ryan Chaddock