About US


It all started when...

Hey, we're Scrivened, LLC. We love making games and game supplements. We mostly work as a 3rd party publisher, using public licences for games like Dungeons & Dragons and the Cypher System. In time we'll probably come out with a system or two of our own, who knows.

We're founded by writer/developer Ryan Chaddock and illustrator Avery Liell-Kok. Our specialty is thoughtful new takes on existing systems and settings. We like to try out sometimes crazy new ideas in gaming, twisting the mundane into something really special. Sometimes it blows up in our faces, but that's creativity. We're all about taking risks for the betterment of all gamers.

We've launched a number of Kickstarter campaigns, the most recent of which is HELLSCAPES.

Thanks for coming by. If you ever have any questions, please send them to scrivenedgames@gmail.com, we're happy to answer.